Sunday, 22 December 2013

It's Christmas! (Almost).

It's that time of year again where many of us come into our foodie element. We get all excited when, as we compile our Christmas shopping lists - chestnuts, dried fruits, an assortment of cheeses, goose/turkey, et cetera - we think of the meal(s) ahead. Of course, there are those who see it as one big pain in the... I, on the other hand, see it is an annual challenge involving feats of precision timing, stress avoidance, and attempts to avoid burning oneself. 

I truly believe that Christmas is the ultimate foodie festival and so that is why I make extra effort to do something a little different at this time of year. I already have plans for Christmas stollen, mince pies, a marmalade-glazed pork shoulder, and - for the big day - I've gone for something a little different: a terrine of turkey, chestnuts, and dried fruits. I have now completed my Christmas shop with just days to go until the big day and I'm finally feeling festive.

It's funny, huh? Shops start to force Christmas down our throats as earlier as November (even October?) but it take's something a bit more special to actually get us (or me, at least) in the Christmas mood. For me, Christmas carols, festive food and drink, and gift-wrapping are all things which put my in the Christmas spirit and I take extra care to make sure that I include these things in my day-to-day workings in the build up to Christmas.

So, before I get back to planning for the big one, I have just this to say: happy baking and...

Merry Christmas, one and all!

What time and patience can do... My gift-wrapping.

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