Friday, 21 February 2014

Don't mind if I do! - A 'Squidges' cookie review.

About a week ago I was contacted on Twitter about the possibility of breaking my diet to try some cookies from a new online store, 'Squidges'. For those of you who didn't know, I have been doing 'the Fast Diet' (the original 5:2 diet) and I've been doing well. I've even resisted dipping into my 'treat allowance' but I made an exception for these bespoke cookies and I am sure glad I did!

'Squidges' is a new online shop run by homebaker turned head baker, Katie (a.k.a. Squidge). Starting up just last month, the whole online set up seems very clean and professional. The website is nice and straightforward, modern, but (above all) accurately reflects the product: home-baked. Every batch of cookies is made to order - something one is made aware of, both on the website and when you open up the lovely box. Inside, there are two little cards: one contains a handwritten message of your choosing whilst the other gives the ingredients as well as eating instructions and a 'made' date and 'best before' date.

Now, before I talk about the cookies themselves, I have to mention the packaging. For me, this is what shifts Squidges cookies from simply being a batch of cookies you might have baked at home to something you would feel really pleased to give as a gift to say: the host(ess) of a dinner party, or a friend who's hard to buy gifts for, or a foodie like you or I who needs to be spoilt. The packaging is minimalistic in style: a round, white box but with the addition of a ribbon (tied in a bow) and a pastel-couloured label it is just enough to scream high-end and high quality. I, for one, think they hit the nail on the head with this aspect of the product.

So, what about the cookies? I hear you all scream. Well, they truly are the best bit! Squidges cookies come in a plethora of flavours, ranging from Chocolate, Fruit & Nut to Dark Chocolate & Coconut! I, personally, decided to try the chocolate, salted caramel, and peanut butter flavoured cookies. As soon as I prised the lid from the box, the smell of freshly-baked cookies filled my nostrils and got my tummy rumbling; I couldn't wait to try one of these cookies! How were they? Well, I definitely got chocolate, and a hint of caramel (although quite subtle), but it was the peanut butter which had the final say - the taste lingered on my palette for some time (which is a good thing!) These were a batch of cookies I would certainly be proud to have baked and would most definitely be over-the-moon to share with friends or give as a gift. The only issue I had with the cookies was that they weren't quite as soft as I like my cookies but part of the eating suggestions provided on one of the little cards covered this because it suggested trying the cookies slightly warmed for twenty to thirty seconds in the microwave. In one word: divine!

By now, you're probably thinking that this review is most definitely a positive one and, on the whole, I would have to agree. I did, however, have some initial reservations about the cost (£14.95, including P&P) but then I thought, if you take away the cost of postage, you're looking at around £10 for a box of five cookies - £2 a cookie. That's very reasonable considering I'd spend almost that much on something which had not being lovingly made by hand in the Wirral (but Squidges are!) so, for the sake of an extra fifty pence or so, I am content in the knowledge that these cookies are worth it. The only thing that the price does affect is that it puts these cookies into the high-end, artisan treat/gift market, rather than that of the everyday biscuit but I, for one, am happy with that.

So, now I've told you all about them... It's time to try them for yourself! I think I'll be trying White Chocolate & Sweet Cherry next time!

For more info, and to purchase your cookies, go to:

Free samples were given to the reviewer by Squidges for this review.

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